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Personalised chocolate gifts and luxury mallows created in the Brecon Beacons and delivered within the UK and across the world.

Provider of first class chocolate experiences and workshops for individuals, corporate groups and parties.

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Our Christmas Recipe Journey

Christmas Chocolate Gifts Journey

Our Christmas Recipe Journey

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year and despite this year’s challenges, we couldn’t go into Christmas without creating something pretty special.  We took our inspiration from our Northern Europe travels over the last few decades and incorporated it into what we do today, ie. personalised chocolate gifts.  Northern Europe do Christmas in style and are passionate about their Christmas delights, which is often rich in flavour and thoroughly indulgent.

Let’s go to Germany first, the home of Stollen and marzipan.  Stollen is believed to have first been created in 1329, in a food contest by Dresden Stollen.  The origin of Marzipan is slightly more difficult to ascertain, but Germany have definitely wrap it’s arms around this unique paste to make ‘Marzipanbrot’, marzipan shaped as a loaf of bread or ‘Marzipankartoffeln’, a potato shaped marzipan, all of which are given over the festive period.  We felt compelled to include Stollen in our slabs this year, after all it is quickly becoming a Christmas favourite in the UK.

Sweden boasts gingerbread as it’s own nowadays, but it is thought to originate in Greece over a thousand years ago.  In the 15th century, nuns in Sweden would make this delicious mixture to ease digestion – it was also believed to possess healing properties.  We remembered the gingerbread in Sweden packed a punch and knew it would stand up to our Belgian chocolate.  We think it’s gorgeous and warms your senses – perfect on a winter’s night.

Belgium is home of some of the best chocolate in the world and in Bruges, they certainly know how to warm your cockles on a frosty December morning with their real hot chocolate.  This is no powder based recipe, but the real thing.  I remember looking confused when handed a soup bowl full of hot milk with chocolates laden around the saucer, thinking ‘what on earth am I meant to do with this?’.  The server smiled and said ‘you just need to pop in the chocolates’.  The hot chocolate was amazing, so we thought let’s do this for our customers this year!

You can find all of our Christmas personalised chocolate gifts on our website.  Stollen and Gingerbread slabs, and authentic Belgian hot chocolate – what’s not to like?…




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